When trying to acquire a replacement glass dome it is often very difficult to find a dome to fit your existing base.

We have a large selection of replacement bases made from a variety of materials. A wide variety of finishes are available such as black ‘ebonised’ wood, velvet covered and veneered/polished, bases are also available in marble and solid wood such as oak, pine etc.

Our bases are of excellent quality and are custom made to your requirements. The quality of our bases is uncompromising and yet are made as economically as possible.

Wood used for bases is either from renewable resources or from recycled antique furniture.

Hoping to keep your current base?

Most people like to keep hold of the base they already have. Why?

  1. Because they like it. This is a good reason – but you might never find a dome to fit the base you already have.
  2. Because it is ‘original’. However, do you actually know whether it is original to the clock? The clock could be 200 years old, and in all that time it could have had 3 antique domes and 2 bases.

You might find someone who will produce a new oval dome, but the quality might not be very good. A new dome will keep dust and dirt away from your clock, but you have also devalued the clock by having a new dome made.

Here are some reasons to consider ordering a new base:

  1. We have a very wide range of bases which can be produced
  2. We have experience in making high quality bases (have a look)
  3. We can produce a brand new base in the style of an old base
  4. You will be able to use an antique dome rather than a new dome – which simply looks better
  5. A new base is much less expensive than a new dome
  6. We produce bases in the following materials: oak, mahogany, MDF (finished in black) and marble (approx. 2 months required). Oak and mahogany bases are finished in french polish. We are also able to supply a velvet top for your base.

Find your perfect base…

Examples of Bases


Domes and bases can be supplied with a finishing cord for the bottom of the dome.  Prices start from £9 fitted.


Bases can be supplied with or without feet. We can supply 4 feet for our bases at a total cost of £14.



Ordering your Dome or Base

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Sizing and Buying Guide

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