Terms & Conditions

    1. We only sell antique glass domes and it should be noted that there are occasionally small blemishes within the glass.
    2. We offer a delivery service via courier. Domes delivered in this way are insured for loss and damage.
    3. On delivery of a dome via our courier the dome must be removed from its packaging and checked before signing the couriers documentation.
    4. In the event of a breakage a full refund will be made providing that the dome was checked by the customer prior to the courier leaving site. The damaged dome is to be returned to the courier. No refund will be possible if the customer fails to check dome for damage and sign documentation before the courier leaves their address. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that a dome is checked for breakage before the courier leaves their address.
    5. A customer may wish to arrange to have a dome collected from us by their chosen delivery service. We will be unable to take any responsibility for loss or breakage or make any refund if a dome is delivered by any method other than our own courier.
    6. Your personal data is safe with us. When you place an order, we only share your phone numbers(s) email and address with our carefully selected delivery partner and your details will not be used for direct marketing.